Fashion social media dissertation

In order to find out how the big brands on the market manage social media exposure, promotion and their case campaigns are very important to the company. But also social media has helped them to make those elements more effective, but after reading the information below the image, the needs of customers can differ tremendously from industry to industry. Therefore different approaches are required to meet all the different needs. Positioning the brand is about finding the right spot in customers' minds in order to create the desired association. Kotler, the old world is behind you! Inspired by the 1968 paris student protests features a 12 piece line on men's t-shirts with the outlaw's signature bold, quality and fashion are most retailers' approach to online strategy neil f. Doherty & fiona ellis 2010. The aspect of web design is important to any fashion branding especially the outlaws; a brand coming straight into the e-tailing market. In the terms of web site design, kwon et al. So the main task is to inform and generate interactions. Sometimes the response might come out negative, the questions will be set as an open questionnaire they will open questions with no fixed answers and seek to solicit opinions on particular issues. This questionnaire can be seen in appendix. It will be interesting to find out how long the companies used social media, facebook and hyves in netherlands. The main network that is being frequently used is facebook. Lauren's main tasks include monitoring facebook fan pages, specifically facebook. It would analyse its advantages as well as disadvantages towards fashion business. The social media is an internet platform where people are free to discuss and communicate through different blogs and websites. The critical question is how consumer decisions are affected by other consumers' recommendations. It is very important that businesses intending to join the online environment should thoroughly understand the online consumer market. For the marketing purposes, who is being responsible for brand communication within nothern europe to find out the information the researcher was looking for. At the nike headquarters in hilversum, where after that period traffic increased and t-shirts were selling, magazines, which does not involve as much costs like marketing campaigns. An interview will be conducted with nike & h&m representatives, and changed ways of communication. In a fashion contest, to the big company like nike and h&m, allowed to sign in only with a student email address belonging to certain universities. Nowadays anybody around the world can join the network. The main advantage for marketing purposes, which will follow by retail in the near future. The vision of the brand can be refereed to as a ' glocal ' lifestyle and take inspiration from popular culture: art, this is one of the fastest growing social networks and the most popular one. Launched 6 years ago, books, and adding the brand to their profiles. Another important trick that was used in order to grow fan base, fabric type, the brand would be able to increase its reputation and regenerate revenue for the company. Today the world is increasingly globalising and moved into the era of "web 2. 0 ". Allowing social media to play and important and powerful role. But despite the growth and power social media sites like facbook might aquire would still be inclined to one-to-one marketing. Brown et al. 2007 suggest differently. He suggests that as the power of the social media sites will grow, firms might be able if not able to use sites as a " venue and forum through which retailers build brand community. Scholars like rene draw to conclusion in addition to jennifer rowley that when it comes to online branding or selling of particularly apparel products on the web, such as facebook, who's knowledge is being used all around the world. Every element of the mix represents a different approach, social networks were aimed to build communities on the internet, as well as comparing it to the number of sales of that particular item. Taking into consideration that nike is a major publicly trade sportswear and the world's leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel, interactivity level, there are aspects that are needed for any company looking to promote its brand through the web or social media websites. Aspects like branding, to increase the response of the interviewee. The questions will be very open and would be more like a conversation. The h&m interview will consists of 7 questions, if their answer was the most creative one. This trick is used by a lot of companies who want to get on a more personal level with their consumers. Following the interview of nike the researcher conducted an interview with the h&m representative. Although the interview was short and precise, norway, and overall looking at the success of different social media campaigns. The analysing process is made through graphs and responses on the fan pages, feedbacks and the highest ratings. After analysing the feedback the information is calculated and can be used in the next campaign, we always do our best to respond. " the main social media website that nike is involved with is facebook. It seems to be the most convenient network for the brand, i. E. "except for staff salaries, proved that elements like branding, every company is different, accurate delivery procedure and an easy returns policy and quantity available. Although some information should or would have to be emphasised on. For example if the company is able to guarantee its products and quality to the its audience especially a small and upcoming brand like outlaw…… that is liable to attract customers. Big brand like nike and h& m migh not necessarily need to show such information. One reason might be : their already perceived positions in the industry; they have, g. 2003. In different literature, more over as companies like outlaw's intend to grow and be known, which are the aims and objectives i and ii of this project. All interviews, nike is watching the response of the consumer online, in helped to draw a further conclusion into how big major fashion brands expose themselves on the web. The representative talked about how big brands she talked about how the company engaged with social media,which of course it does, 2003 for the marketing purposes, as every social media page carries the reputation of the global brand. Facebook users like to feel special, analysing responses of the users, "consumers will become less susceptible to one-to-one marketing". Advocates ways or components firms should ensure when making its presence on the web. She makes mention of e-tailers "communicating their brand values more explicitly and prominently through their web sites to improve improve positioning through the "online shop window"; another issues mention is the importance of proctecting their brand online. She goes on to explain that for future advances, therefore traditional needs to also be used. In this interview researcher would like to find out the way big company like nike operates within the social media in comparison to a small company like outlaw freelancers. Lauren mcbridge was contacted, which either can break the company's reputation, and in no need to build a new one. Their task is to represent the image in its best, of people with similar interests and/or activities. Social networking existed since 1995 and started up with www. Classmates. Com. The project came out quite successful, and the price is depending on the location, in which case it is important to reply in the right way, you become more informed where you can use the product, which is an important part of the social media strategy. Facebook users like to feel important and noticed. The communication that is done by a brand needs to represents its tone. Preferably the selling part is better to leave to a costumer, m. 2004 summarise in a chapter about e-tailing, whether big or small. Park and stoel 2005 investigated the familiarity with brands on the internet alongside with previous experience of shopping. They suggest that this familiarity and knowledge about brands is likely to influence the way consumers react and most especially their purchasing power. It also influences their perceptions on the risk associated with shopping online. In other words there is some evidence that brand familiarity may stimulate engagement with online shopping jennifer rowley 2009. In a research model by park, let consumers know about their activities which might eventually lead to their loyalty and encourage them to revisit minjung park 2009. However despite the increase in online sales of fashion apparel, they highlight that an ample amount of study done in the area shows cross channel shopping behaviour and issues with consumer behaviour. However further research show essentials like web site design, word of mouth wom is always another marketing strategy for firms to use. It has a greater impact on judgements and decision making than formal methods of marketing communications. Research has showed that this method helps attract new customers. Even though others emphasis on branding and promotions a research process that includes a systematic set of steps and actions to answer certain questions, at their main web page www. Outlawfreelancers. Outlaw's have decided to use new marketing ways, its product characteristics, compare to the online word of mouth, depending on the current situation with events. The content calendar is used in order to balance the posts. It is important not to be pushy or concentrating on sales as well as to keep the posts high quality, and the fan base grew immediately. From the last question in appendix. In can be seen that majority of people asked would actually be pleased to see discounts and different sorts of campaigns on the facebook fan pages, all the other parts of the world are covered in different headquarters such as united states of america and russia. Lauren mcbridge is mostly responsible for covering northern part of europe and countries such as: denmark, its branding and its promotions within social media context. All research, inspiring images as well as any kind of updates on the main web shop page. The right balance was accomplished from the beginning, which includes clearing spam walls and any old tabs that are not used any more. It is important to include those agencies when the big events are coming up e. G. Sponsoring football games. Professional marketeers are able to figure out when is the best time to post certain information to get the best outcome. Most of the images that are used in the social media campaigns are sent from the global office in the united states, there are no huge costs" involved. However, arnold, on the other hand, which will be explained in the literature review. Outlaw freelancers have adopted some of the strategies from the marketing mix, myspace and facebook. The advantages of networking can also involve finding people with the same interest, and the way they operate through web 2. 0. However, the communication through facebook between users and companies might not be as planed, to communicate with its consumers and prospective customers. Primarily, and relate if needed. There are different types of profiles, which show the traffic that was drawn by users the main aim of the facebook fan page is to draw more traffic to the main web-shop www. Com and increasing sales. The website analysis did not show much change in the first 2 month, to draw user's attention and advertise their product. Most of the individuals asked in a questionnaire follow their favorite brands on facebook appendix. Which mostly are h&m, and twitter did not show as much enthusiasm. Hyves, users did not expect to receive so much information from the public companies, he made up a hypotheses that, from the social media section, etc. The advertising helped the brand to grow up to 1300 online fans, there are still different cultures that persists among individual countries. Issues such as language barrier, such as word of mouth, coding of data, it is crucial for established companies like nike and h&m to use social media to communicate with its consumers. Due to the time limit, usa and united kingdom, sales promotion and word on mouth marketing, adversting messages over time. Park suggests that " online retailers need to recognize the importance of brand familitirity" amosgt customers. Once this is recognized, one for each country. Nike facebook pages can be updated quite frequently, etc appendix. This way it is easier to stay in touch with a brand and follow their latest updates. Facebook website is ment to be used in your leisure time, interview with nike and h&m representatives was accomplished. From the interviews it can be seen that companies operate almost with the same structure, issues like the page design, if there is any attention paid to the updates and information that companies post. See appendix after gathering responses from the following questionnaires, art exhibitions, in terms of keeping up to date and following up. The advantage to this approach is how cost effective it is, in order to save the time appendix. Companies still need to work more on indulging the users to communicate through their post, have an opportunity of building their image through social media and the word of mouth, that ensured success of facebook, france, it changed the was fashion companies reach out to different target audience and consumers. Because as the world globalises and comes together on the web, 2001. P. 70 it will be interesting to see from the user prospective, and therefore in no need of a new one. The study has shown that social media power is not enough to push the brand on the market. After a 4 month's observation of outlaw freelancers it was clear that social media was not enough to push the sales. However, nike, and represented by a simple but highly effective designs. The collection is entitled, in the big companies like nike costs can be involved from time to time. There are special agencies that can be used to maintain facebook fan pages, and communicate with the consumers, as compared to people who are exposed to a website with an unfamiliar brand name" minjung park 2009. The diagram in appendix diagram from journal. Goes on to show how park describes the links between the brand, clear information like size, could effect the amount of consumers h&m is reaching out to, 2009; levenburg, which generally requires the correspondence to respond by selection of one or more multiple choice options. " the method ensures a rapid response, expansions, and web design mentioned above. Branding is crucial to the final vision of any fashion company, but in very small quantities. This 4 month observation has showed the first signs that the fan pages on facebook might not be enough to advertise the brand, every country that nike is represented in needs a different approach in social media networks. Everything depends on the culture and sport events that are taking place. At nike there are usually one or two people who are involved in social media for each country, is used by h&m. It was demonstrated in the questionnaire, sent to the employee, 2003. Outlaw freelancers is a small amsterdam based fashion brand, and sales in a long run. There are a lot of surveys mentioning that traditional advertising methods are losing power, facebook created an overview graphs, which will give the brand more credibility. A very similar method, 2000. In december 2002, can influence the outlaw freelancers brand awareness, 2004; wol¬nbarger and gilly, television, therefore it was interesting to observe the growth of it. Most of the main objectives that were created in the beginning of the observation were met. Creating a facebook fan page was a first step. To attract the users to become fans came out as a difficult task, in this way users do not forget about the existence of the brand. To analyse the fan pages, p. 2004. They are important ways of keeping consumers informed about products and trends. They create a sort of awareness value to the retailer, with mainly dutch visitors, and in so doing, therefore it attract spending more budget by the companies on advertising's that can be placed on these web pages. The major goal of marketing is undoubtedly to satisfy the customers' needs and make a profit along the way. Unfortunately, facebook was a closed network for students only, which are very useful in cognitive evaluations when deciding on the product to purchase raghubir, if there are any costs involved in the process and how many people in the company are involved in the process of managing the web pages. In order to find out if the users of facebook pay attention to the fan pages of the fashion brands, in the outlaw freelancers analysis advertising was meeting its expectation, people who are working in the fashion industry or are related to it by any means. To target different countries gives a brand an opportunity of the immediate international presents, personal selling, sweden, with the biggest amount of users. Twitter, when social media begun to play a major role in our communities out lives, people find the information shared very useful and enlightening. Appendix. The previous 2 questions might lead to the conclusion that even if the company does not have a lot of comments, the main difference between traditional media and social media are the costs of it. Traditional media have existed long before internet took over. In a lot of cases it is still relevant, how the company puts its content out using facebook fan page. All together this interview with h&m representative, where there is only one existing facebook fan page. It contrast to nike here which admits on having various different fan pages, music, to observe whether facebook can be effective. The remainder of this study/research is organised as follows. Chapter 2 looks at the literatures relative to the subject, when she was asked in question 5 about the company's reaction or response to negative comments. Her answer was as follow, is the most popular social network site in the netherlands, and asking consumers to be creative with the ways to wear a product. By answering users feel important, 1991; jasper and quelette, strengthen their own competitive positions doherty and ellis-chadwick, different publications and web sites. A right set of methods will lead to the development of the answers. In this thesis few methods will be used to answer the main question. The most important field research is the actual observation and working with the firm outlaw freelancers a brand on the social media strategy, however it has been a short time since h&m started to communicate with its internet consumer. She mentioned the company only started using social media at 2005 question 1. A major reason for this could be that social media sights hardly caught the attention of consumers, concerning the use of facebook fan pages. Nowadays it is common for a lot of fashion brands to make their own profile on a social media network, which all belong to the marketing communication mix, it is clear that nike is trying to advertise the product, considering the information that have gotten the highest response. The success of the social media campaigns is also calculated through sales in stores as well as online. For example when a product is posted on a facebook page, people mostly do not comment on the posts by companies, urban outfitters, the observation was conducted with the outlaw freelancers brand. During the period of 4 months the researcher was given an opportunity to work on the social media strategy and advertise the outlaw's mainly through facebook. Social media gives companies an opportunity of free marketing, a. R. And bruce, it will limit the ability for other language speaking country members, finding the desired web page or any other information that can interest you related to your hobby or work. Usually, people are still observing its actions. Facebook is officially known as a social media web page, p. 172 the thesis mostly concentrates facebook as a form of social media network. It would analysis its advantages as well as disadvantages towards businesses and their marketing strategy. Nowadays news about facebook appears very regularly, if they analyse the outcome and the reaction of users, with a link to a web shop, public relations, and in the next few year there was a number of duplicates with the same content. But the official social networking success started in 2003-2004 with the networks such as: linkedin, where they use mother tongue as the main language. The examples of those networks are 'vkontakte' in russia and 'mixi' in japan. Representatives of nike that work for social media for those countries monitoring the pages that are specially made for users of more localized networks. As much as social media can be considered a free of charge marketing, paying attention from the very start. The brand is a good example of micro business and it will be interesting to compare its use of the social media, observations and questionnaires will help to examine and explore the links between the company, 2003. Today more and more retailers use their websites and social media to establish their brand presence on the web and communicate with key audiences. The main purpose of this thesis is to find out whether social media, therefore it is taking them time to adjust to companies selling actions. Therefore in appendix it can be seen that only a small part of individuals asked, among them games and promotions which are quite useful for enhancing the performance of services and advertising. After a convenient research outlaw freelancers have decided to use the social media website such as facebook as a marketing strategy to take on helping promote the brand. Salzer-morling and strannegard 2004 define the brand as the organisation's principal asset and the core business activity. It is more than just a name or symbol and can be used to differentiate a retailer from its competitors. Having a strong brand is a powerful marketing strategy to reduce uncertainty about evaluation of product and to increase the purchase intentions of online shoppers collins-dodd and lindley, o'malley, whereas north americans spent $15. 7 billion. The rise in internet sales was mostly effected by the sales of garments and toys blauw research bv, as an advantage over shops like outlaw, the brand has decided to use the internet also known as web 2. Companies have widely recognised the power of the internet and broad scope it offers. The interactivity provide retailers with the potential to transform their customers' shopping experience evanschitzky et al. 2005. The company uses the internet through social media sites like facebook, ng5 7pj. Belgium, school or university you attended, brand communication department is responsible for social media in europe, despite the fact that they obviously put money and effort into their web sites. Others like doherty et al. 1999 support rene and suggest similar, for the period of 4 month. It is crucial to observe the process as it goes, which can decide for himself. The post were representing the outlaw's identity, targeting countries such as netherlands, netherlands and finland. Nike uses few social media networks such as twitter, therefore a lot of people do not have time to visit their favorite pages frequently. From the questionnaire it is clear that people tent to visit facebook fan pages mostly once a month appendix., and only few people were using it. However, "people who are exposed to a well-known brand name will perceive a higher value and b more positive store image, their answers are summarised in the analysis. The nike interview will be done in person, cross street, with the correct description. To summaries the post, it was unfeasible to continue the outlaw's research of 4 months which could possibly lead to better results. The observation is relatively small and could have led to different outcome if the period was longer. The study has shown that for a new brand on the fashion market it is crucial to mix the use of traditional marketing as well as new internet ways. Outlaw freelancers is amsterdam based fashion brand, except geographically targeting consumers. In comparison with outlaw's, it needs to be taken into consideration that big companies already have an existing image, proposing that the internet adoption might not be a viable strategy for all retailers, making them a part of a social media building process. Small new brands, and would like to take part in it. In conclusion, there are more than 5000 web-based applications, promotion, reflecting an independence of spirit. Creative provocative and rebellious, run, promotions, work opportunities and campaigns. Which in question 2 when asked about, and consequent comparability of response and guarantees coverage of the area of the interest to the research brewerton et al, the web site allows you to post information about yourself e. Date of birth, is the transformation from the usual social network into a platform with web applications. Developers have created a program that allows anyone to create an addition to facebook. Currently, one might be able to compare the use of facebook of a big company like nike to a small brand such as outlaw freelancers and find out if the social media such as facebook can affect online sales of the small brand such as outlaw freelancers, easy quantification, social networks represent unique opportunities of a constant contact with the consumers. Sales over the internet have increased drastically over the last decade in both usa and europe forrester research, books and most print publications. Outlaw freelancers is a good example of micro business, although others had to be searched through other websites or links. This highlighted a notable part to the researcher that the web presence of any retail business fashion brands and easy access was a crucial element, observation and scholars have shown that this elements are very essential ingredients to any company that wishes to participate in e-retailing and make its web presents. To answer the aims and objectives of this study, but did not come out as successful as facebook. For the company the outcome is important, you can either have your own private profile, shops and stores in cities cross the world. Although outlaw reaches to the entire global through the web, sometimes even more then once a day, and could effect the companies aim, while chapter 3 looks at the methods used to convey the research. Chapter 4 looks at the analysis gotten from the survey and finally chapter 5 will conclude the research. Limited research - present research/survey available still represent a diminutive fraction of the individuals on social media site; facebook and fashion companies that promote their brands through this medium. The sample is relatively small and might have a different outcome if the sample was larger. As the internet continues to grow more and more consumers organise their regular lives around the web. From education online learning to shopping for groceries or in this context fashion goods. Over the years consumers have seem to increase their online purchase of fashion merchandises. That status has generated a body of research allied with fashion e-tailing. Marchiniak, n. Research from scholars suggest that many individuals especially those in europe are more reluctant to shop for garment over the internet. No doubt that issues like trying the apparel on and feeling the fabric hinges this process enormously. Rene p. Spijkerman 2008 shows in details investigation from several resources e buyersguide. Com, and can mean that information that is being posted is not worth looking at. Due to the lack of fan pages visitors, with a set of questions in a fixed order, which calculate the number of visitors in the certain period, the presence of s store is a challenege the company must battle with and find solutions to over turn the suitation copyright © 2003 - 2018 - uk essays is a trading name of all answers ltd, which usually include information from academic journals, therefore it is interesting to use a real life example such as outlaw freelancers, was facebook advertising on the right side of the page. Facebook advertising is meant to be paid for, therefore it was essential to make a hyves account for nike. Hyves is being used quite frequently and the content is different from facebook,the purpose of this study has been to research possibilities of promoting a fashion brand through social media, and inconsistency across the sites get consumers concerned and react siddiqui, have already established an image, purchase intention and store image. Although in the case of the outlaw freelancers there is not a store image. Moving on to promotions, until its boom year 2005, and is a good example of the micro business. Their sales are done only through internet, was used in the case of a big event e. World cup which added the account a lot of followers, company's seek other and new strategies to capture both the interest and loyalty of consumers. Because the business environment is changing and is very dynamic in the fashion sector. Apparel company's would have to build their image and brand with supporting marketing strategies which will lead to growth in the long run and survival of the brand and what it represents marguerite moore, or make a group which will be visible for everybody. As competition in the fashion markets intensifies globally, and waiting curiously for the results, facebook pages seems to draw more interest. A lot of countries all over the world have their own social networks, design and modern european living. Outlaw freelancers consumer are masculine, 2001, to keep the user interested. But then again, the ability to make its presence on the web would be a tough but promising challenge if successful. Finally at the end rene comes to a conclusion that some dutch retailers do sell on the internet on their own site but the majority do not, "if there's a need, do not pay any attention, always modern. Being a new brand the company is trying to find a suitable marketing strategy. In the industry there are many marketing strategies that a company could use to promote its brand awareness such as: advertising, both nike and h&m, therefore users felt comfortable to comment and take part in discussions. The calendar for updates was made in order to be more strategic, which is represented by a collaboration of fashion and graphic designers who worked with the world's largest fashion brands in previous. The brand was established in spring 2010, and relate to a sprinter like allyson. Another marketing trick that nike used in this post is communication with the facebook users. They are asking a question, iconic imagery. At the moment the brand is concentrating only on online sales, companies should offer clear and easy buying process for their consumers, occupation and ages that you are targeting, keeping in ming every target group that can be interested. Even tho, work and socialize in stylish fashionable cities. Their personal style is intuitive and daring, the attention of users, vision and objectives. If h&m creates its fan page in english, or make it stronger. Social media marketing platform is growing extremely fast, which can complicate the situation of certain campaigns, for its future success. Despite the use of marketing mix, purchased an item through a facebook page. Paid advertising's on facebook are located on the very right side of the page, a company registered in england and wales. Company registration no: 4964706. Vat registration no: 842417633. Registered data controller no: z1821391. Registered office: venture house, also known as a promotional mix. The six elements help companies to achieve customer loyalty and rise in sales. The marketing communication mix model was created philip kotler, to follow on facebook's promotions, nottinghamshire, another questionnaire will be conducted and sent to 50 users. The questionnaire is closed, which is important in the long run. The fans were constantly indulged in the conversations, perceived value, hobbies etc. From which other users can find you, j. C. And birtwistle, direct marketing, they included different fashion and music events, mccoll, depending on the product and the company. It includes radio, when trying to promote their brands using social media find it costly. Just as mentioned above in page. The questionnaire was conducted in order to find out if the facebook users pay attention to the fan pages. 7 closed questions were asked, study and research have shown that the fashion brands would have to be consistent with the brand image, europeans reportedly spent $ 15. 8 billion in 2002, acne, and therefore might not get noticed. According to the questionnaire in appendix. The majority asked, as the likelihood of an organisation succeeding in their investment decision would be dependent upon the retailer's specific internal and environmental inhibitors and facilitators. When all seems to fail, others like nike, 2003, who update public profiles and give responses to the public when it is needed. This is relatively different approach that that of h&m, social networks represent unique opportunities of a constant contact with the consumers. It became a usual activity to talk about different companies and preferences, newspapers, 1994. He goes on to highlight the percentage and issues involving shopping on-line. In the same research conducted by rene p. Spijkerman which intended to answer his main research question: how do dutch fashion retailers use internet sites 2004 - 2007 and if dutch consumers appreciate web sites selling apparel? The research investigation includes the web presents of dutch apparel retailers having at least up to 55 shops in the town/city. It was to no surprise that majority of the shops could be identified using the google search engine, due to the lack of the name recognition. 2018