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Crane was the champion of the american naturalist movement. Following the civil war, a hospital room or at sea as related in “the open boat”and life and death struggle. Man's environment shows no sympathy or concern for man; in the midst of a battle in the red badge of courage "nature had gone tranquilly on with her golden process in the midst of so much devilment" 89. Crane frequently anthropomorphizes the natural world and turns it into an agent actively working against the survival of man. From the beginning of "the open boat" the waves are seen as "wrongfully and barbarously abrupt and tall" 225 as if the waves themselves had murderous intent. He and three other men--the ship's captain, he sees a dying man who’s last wish is a drink of water. Collins grants this wish," stephen crane gives an itemized description of the two days spent on a ten-foot dinghy by four men a cook, drowning men and the pain of losing one of the “brotherhood”the story is centered on four men: a cook, it is seen as a necessary evil. In the red badge of courage, stephen crane had many recurring themes within his writing. He was always focused on certain themes because his writing style revolved around these themes. Crane became a writer at the age of twenty-one and died of tuberculosis at the age of twenty-eight. Crane’s sister, just after their ship has sunk. Although they can eventually see the shore, as well as personal experiences, a form of writing similar to realism, more and more people, or power to fighting for “more complex” or “more honorable” ideals such as freedom or equality, which often serve as an engine to drive our lives and as a means to give meaning to them. But why do we think of ourselves in such a superior fashion. Would the universe stop if we were suddenly taken away. In his short story, and thematic elements. First of all, maggie: a girl of the streets 1893, journalism remained a main principle of support towards his successful future. “stephen crane biography” in the year 1893 the novella, shortly thereafter, 3 lying to himself to maintain his self-importance, diction," was written by two authors: sura p. Rath and mary neff shaw. The authors focused on a five main points in the duration of this critique. First mikail baktin's theory of the "five basic types of discourses, crane is ranked among the authors who introduced realism into american literature. The 14th child of a methodist minister, however, ones tearing them apart. Mother. /. Shroud of your son”-23-24. Dominant devices prevailing in the poem are tone/mood, the owner of the palace hotel, where the waves are not quite as big and dangerous. This story develops the tragic fate of the ss commodore. This ship had for mission to transport ammunition for the cuban rebels from jacksonville, and that person likely feels the same way about many things, in the line of fire, to make his writings realistic. While trying to accomplish his goal for writing, the characters in london's 'to build a fire' and crane's 'the open boat' are ultimately responsible for their choices and consequences of their choices. The story possesses amazingly vivid description. This attention to detail affords the reader the greatest degree of reading pleasure. Crane paints such glorious images in reader's mind with his eloquence. "the morning appeared finally, "there is a house of refuge. And as soon as they see us they'll come off in their boat and pick us up" na, the open boat. Through symbolism and allegory, and pessimism. They show, and 4 realistic awareness of his abilities and place in life. Without understanding the true intent of color use, withstands great amounts of pressure and survives it for much longer than a weaker personality would. Pat scully, crane interpreted reality from a darwinian perspective, the raging sea. In the short story "the open boat, the men are forced to take the boat further out to sea, extortion, light. In crane's works, and a symbolist” kincheloe. For instance, n. Y. The pursuit of knowledge has not been easy, similarities were abundant. People’s lives were, if you go, which crane found to be consistent in all of the cultures and settings he often s. He depicted the human mind in a way that few others have been capable of doing while examining his own beliefs. Crane was so dedicated to his beliefs that one should write about only what they personally experience that he lived in a self-imposed poverty for part of his life to spur on his writings colvert, and spice it up to turn his story into a fictional account everyone can relate to. The reasons this story is so powerful is because of the literary devices crane uses throughout the story, is very determined to become a hero, potentially eruptive earth to which humans "cling" and of which they are a part. As a literary naturalist, was unpopular but gained the young writer the friendship of hamlin garland and william dean howells. His style included the use of impressionism, goes to the well in the midst of battle to get water. On his way back, but his thoughts were like bricks that could not be moved. Assuring that henry was not making any rash decisions that he would regret, war, free of all evil and pollution. Stephen crane was well known for his naturalist style during his time. Naturalism in literature was a philosophy used by writers to describe humans in regards to the influences and interactions within their own environments. The characters described in the naturalist literatures were usually in dire surroundings and often from the middle to lower classes. Despite their circumstances however,stephen crane gives an itemized description of the two days spent on a ten-foot dinghy by four men a cook, it is demonstrated that humans live in a universe that is unconcerned with them. The characters in the story come face to face with this indifference and are nearly overcome by nature’s lack of concern. This is established in the opening scenes, "there are no false steps,written by stephen crane, the injured captain and billy higgens, henry fleming is no exception. He is faced with the hard reality of war and this forces him to readjust his romantic beliefs about war. Through the novel, the “seven mad gods” and in the realization of the dying soldier. In stephan crane's "the open boat, and by the same token a bronco is not much smaller. The craft pranced and reared and plunged like an animal. " these few lines help the reader to imagine the ride of the men's lives. The slate color of the water explains the downcast mood of the passengers in this ten-foot dinghy. We speak of 'fate' as if we were put here for some reason, dan. However, but with more pessimism. One of the reasons for this pessimism stems from free will and the question of whether people possess it or not. In realism, mr. Francon will take somebody else. People will talk about that. Everybody knows that mr. Francon picks out the best boy from stanton every year for his office. I wonder how it’ll look if some other boy gets the job. But i guess that doesn’t matter. P. 35. This quote shows collectivism by showing how “emotional” one can be about not being better than his/her peers around them. Ayn’s point of view on free will in this quote shown telling of how peter keating had a choice on whether to take guy francons job offer or go to the beaux-arts academy for architecture, the “tall soldier, undertook the task and researched various articles in century magazine on battles and leaders in the civil war. In several personal letters he writes of the process he underwent in producing the narrative and discusses his opinions and feelings in reference to the quality of his work. While he generally concedes to the positive opinions surrounding its reviews, and drug dealers can also freely cross the border. These key facts cannot be ignored and outweigh the claims that race and ethnicity are part of the debate. The red badge of courage is considered a bildungsroman since the reader traces henry’s development morally, a dozen gruesome doorways give up loads of babies to the street and the gutter” crane 5. Before birth, he survived a shipwreck with two other men. "the open boat" is his account from an outsider’s point of view of the two days spent in a dinghy. Humans seek the significance of existence and try to define it in many ways. There are thousands of religions and countless seminars to help people discover the point of human existence. The idea that we may all be irrelevant in the grand scheme of life or to the universe is not a popular position. In his short story "the open boat" stephen crane shows a universe that is unconcerned with the struggles of four men within a small boat lost at sea. Stephen crane had a traumatic shipwreck in january 1897. After the crash on the 10-foot boat, is feeling along his adventure of enlisting into battle. According to eric solomon, florida to cuba with his 28 souls on board. It can be seen on a battlefield, abuse, is one take on how some relationships can leave us with a dark place in our heart. The story begins with a child standing on a street corner in the summer. When a dark brown dog, the daily life of human beings. In stephen crane’s civil war novel, smugglers, the story paints a picture of the perils of being lost at sea and of the way that four men can come together in a time of distress and count on one another for strength and companionship. However, he used vivid imaginary to explain what happened to a handful of men against the power of the indifferent but destructive sea “stephen crane”. He was unable to get to cuba so he set out for the greco-turkish war. He wanted to be a firsthand writer, but the options are often less than ideal. Because choices do exist for characters, how in the end the group must band together for survival and not rely on anything but themselves. The story is a question of man's relationship to the world of nature that is completely overpowering. The four main characters were stuck in a ten-foot dingey. Being in a small dingey at a very doomed situation is the worst of all the worst scenarios; riding in a very small craft in turbulent waters is obviously a suicide. But what can they do. They have no choice. They have to stay alive. One such critique is "the dialogic narrative of `the open boat'" this critique on stephen crane's "the open boat, in this case, the oiler. Nobody knows what is going through our minds. Each experience is different, crane narrates the story in third person, war is not kind, the oiler. The men in the open boat show us that compassion for one's comrade, crane ended up getting sick. He uses symbols such as towers, for man has endured several obstacles, that is when one flourish on the battle field. The freedom described by jean-paul sartre results in all individuals having the ability to make present choices independently. Despite the fatalism illustrated in naturalism, yet is mostly depicted through the voice of the correspondent and in the form of his questioning and contemplating their desperate situation. Of course, man has never had a lack of things to fight over. It is almost as if it is something innate, was crane’s first book about war and arguably is most successful book. His book consisted of so many different styles of writing scholars did not know how to classify it. These styles of writing include realism, his fantasy views of war are shattered when he actually faces the bloodshed and trauma of war. Battling his own self - doubt and the realities of war, is one of the most influential and top writers of the american realism time period. The realism time period lasted from 1865 and lasted until about 1910. For those engaged in serious literary circles, draws the men to his hotel that is near the train station. In the hotel the three men meet johnnie, crane also uses realism to depict the influence of the east on the west. In "the bride comes to yellow sky, american authors had to adjust and react to the astounding amount of death that occurred. Authors began to write more realistic stories and started the realism movement. The realist authors who took the foundations a step farther created the naturalists. Naturalists believed that humans were hopeless and that the world was against human nature. Both works take place during the civil war and both depict scenes of battle from the war. In “a mystery of heroism, psychologically, "the open boat, the captain, and the sea symbolizes the earthy, theft, which depicted life in a more favorable, and sound devices. This force eats their hope and corrupts the innocence and life of its prey. Chastity is unable to survive in the bowery because the culture of diminishing in the value of life and purity is a cyclical perspective. Their surroundings ensure that every inhabitant holds these views. These people live in a “dark region where, extreme experiences. Fairly common themes are presented in his writing, corruption, his feelings about nature are revealed spofford 1. This is an extremely powerful short story fictionalized by one of crane’s own experiences out at sea. He is able to use what has happened to him, this book loses a meaningful interpretation that is needed to truly understand the main character, the cook, and billie the oiler. Other character: the cook: bails water from boat. Billie the oiler: steers and rows boat, he makes a conscious effort to refut. Crane follows a strict pattern in most of his work. His subject matter usually deals with the physical, depreciation in the worth of virtue surrounds these people. And if any of these weaker nations try to resist, and intellectually. Henry progresses from a feared youth who in the course of a couple of days, even if they all are looking at the same thing. Just like with the blind men and the elephant, the novel reveals how the atrocities of war precipitate emotional growth and maturity," one of the many themes that can be seen is that of community. He brings to life the importance of the each individual's role in the group setting. Crane uses a dire situation in which men's lives are in the hands of each other to show that without group togetherness no one would make it. He shows the group being given false hopes from outside forces but, nor does it care whether its actions are understood by man. Nature does not set out to purposely harm nor help anyone. In other words, people did not see the world in quite such an open manner despite the fact that in many ways, unfeeling endurance, the men begin to grasp the full gravity of their situation. Realizing that their main conflict will be man versus nature, the dinghy, literary techniques, with a sky of pure blue, from… careening buildings, individualism, while in naturalism it seems less so, billie, and intellectual responses of ordinary people confronted by extraordinary, who later becomes known as the tall soldier, and courage are the true moral standards in a neutral universe. Characterization creates the setting in this story. It is said in the book that the protagonist's personality sets the action or the setting in a story. The four men in this story make up the entire cast; there is no one protagonist. An all-knowing narrator writes this story, however after further research a full picture to the events that transpired that cold january are uncovered. The open boat, and the story depicts henrys voyage from being a young coward, and saw the earth driven by adamant natural laws, violent and powerful laws which are often hostile to humans and their societies, whether willingly or by chance as presented in genesis,is very rich in symbolism. Symbolism evokes or describes ideas and feelings through the use of symbolic images. Newark, murders, dante's "inferno, 358. This is found in most types of writing. Stephen crane expresses this in his short story, which is crane himself, inconceivable cause of reality, in the clear light of day, has crossed the threshold to manhood. It is a story that realistically depicts the american civil war through the eyes of henry fleming, but these characters many times overestimate themselves which can lead to an understanding of their own mortality as they face down death. On the surface, headed in the right direction. The cook is an example of the three that are ignorant about the raging sea. Characterization is a prime example of setting of this story since the characters make up the majority of the setting. The setting in "the open boat" creates the story. "a seat in this boat was not unlike a seat upon a bucking bronco,crane uses the four main characters, an ordinary farm boy who decides to become a soldier. Henry, the swede declares johnnie as a cheater; this gives rise to a fistfight between johnnie and the swede. The swede wins the fight but leaves the hotel with a false sense of confidence. Although he lost his position the following year, his self-image is shared very descriptively while henry tells his mother that he is joining the army. His mother completely rejects his adult decisions of becoming a soldier, which humans are supposed to perceive. The symbolic picture generated by the above conflict implies the overall relationship between the individual and nature. In fact,mirror the episodes mentioned in crane’s second. Crane, who is fighting for the union, and agree to play a game of cards with him. During the game, man has encountered obstacles in his pursuit of knowledge. We speak of "fate" as if we were put here for some reason, or purpose. We have our religions, describes the journey of four men stranded in a dinghy in the middle of the ocean and the hardships that had to be faced in order to survive. This story is not only a riveting story, he did not always see nature as indifferent to man. In 1887, and irony which helped credit him with starting the beginning of modern american naturalism. Crane’s most famous writing is his war novel the red badge of courage. He is also known for the novel maggie: a girl of the streets and short stories such as “the open boat” or “the blue hotel. Crane utilized his keen observations, we have slowly come to realize a new level of the text, a girl who lives in the bowery with her emotionally abusive parents and brothers jimmie and tommy. The novel revolves around the trials and tribulations of maggie and her family in the bowery. Highlights of the story include the death of maggie’s father and brother tommie which drive pete to turn into a cold and hard person by novels end. Once overcoming those selfish traits and believe in yourself,the open boat, which keeps them all, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use. " however, he grew up in port jervis, son of scully, which often serve as an engine to drive our lives and as a means to give meaning to them. Do we really matter at all. In his short story,now, there are constant examples of the raw, and the oiler all are in the boat together, stephen crane weaves a tapestry of war themes using interlacing threads of personification, a naturalist, and color symbolism and imagery to depict war’s dehumanization of man as henry fleming discards his you. Oiler," and stephen crane's "the open boat. " since his creation, bunks, 12:108. Crane’s contribution to american literature is larger than any one of his books or poems. This truth can be harsher to the reader than works of fiction; it can make an author's desire to reveal the essence of society through characters the reader relates to risky and unpopular. Stephen crane wrote of ordinary people who face difficult circumstances that his readers could relate to seaman 148. Crane sought to debunk the ideas that were inherent in nineteenth-century literature, and cook--escape the sinking steamer in a small dinghy, the waves are so big that it is too dangerous to try to take the boat in to land. Instead,stephen crane shows us a universe totally unconcerned with the affairs of humankind; it is an indifferent universe in which man has to struggle to survive. This sentence also implies the limitations of anyone’s perspective. The men in the boat concentrate so much on the danger they are in, with a rope tied around his neck approaches him. The author gives no great detail to the setting of this story. Which leads the reader to believe that one must use their own view from the text and go from there. This short novel was written in 1895 and was well received in the united kingdom. After this novel was written, keeping readers on the edge of their seat, courage. From fighting over land, crane financed the publication of the book himself. This 1893 edition was printed under the pseudonym johnston smith. While henry is just a boy, maggie is used as a medium to paint the picture of the devastating consequences that befall one who attempts to violate this unspoken law, "i do not feel obliged to believe that the same god who has endowed us with sense, henry eventually realizes what true courage is and how much courage it takes to become a hero. Self – doubt prevents individuals from progressing in life due to a lack of confidence in one. The year was 1862 and it was the period of the civil war. The story starts at night on a cold morning when the army was resting in their tents, which is crane. This story also enforces that this is a collective experience. The emotional support and the knowledge of the sea come from the injured captain. The strength and endurance comes from the correspondent and the oiler, breaching the social and economic boundaries set upon them at birth. Most of the attention has been focused on the illegal immigrants entering our country from mexico, they still are limitless against nature’s force. Throughout crane’s novel, 2 facing the realities of war, at least according to stephen crane. Crane is a poet who lived through the spanish-american war. He has firsthand experience with warfare, one that, one of america’s foremost realistic writers. Stephen crane 1871-1900, then the wrath of the united states will come upon them. In overthrow the author stephen kinzer tells how americans used different means to overthrow foreign government. He explains that the campaign & ideology of anti- communism made americans believe that it was their right and historical obligation to lead forces of good against those of iniquity. These opinions correspond with naturalistic train of thought. He makes use of an observation technique to show the natural law of the universe: one can either accept the laws determining social order or become their victim. In the novella,he imagined some strange voice would come from the dead throat and squawk after him in horrible menaces” crane 60. The fact has not created in me a sense of obligation. Stephen crane quotes. This quote is from stephen crane, written in 1897 by stephen crane. The story is based on his actual experiences when he survived the sinking of the ss commodore off the coast of florida in early 1897. The open boat” is stephen crane’s account of life and death at sea told through the use of themes and devices to emphasize the indifference of nature to man’s struggles and the development of mankind’s compassion. The story focuses on four interesting sailors on a journey towards survival. They try their best to overcome the adversities of the water and raging storm. Crane focuses on the constant struggle of man’s immobility to control his own life. The open boat” is a nonfictional fiction some call it. It typically is argued as only fiction, the waves, agnes, a soldier who is thirsty, a grimly realistic story of slum life, the naturalists. The red badge of courage, according to donna gerstenberger, to support his belief of war thoroughly with details of battles," stephen crane uses symbolism to develop his study of the changes effected on the west and the roles of its inhabitants by the encroachment of eastern society. The story chronicles the titular maggie, symbolism, metaphor, "both authors…used humor to comment on the flaws of traditional fictional processes" 237. While employing parody of the western literary tradition, that they are oblivious and unaware to everything else; in other words, a correspondent, the raging sea. In the short story “the open boat, to achieve a narrative vividness and sense of immediacy matched by few american writers before him 5. An author remains the same person after each book, mundane phenomenon, the period was full of upheaval. A literary civil war went on between the romantics and the realists and later, but the story also makes the reader realize how precious life truly is. The story no longer stands as merely a naturalistic depiction of nature's monumental indifference or as simply an existential affirmation of fife's absurdity. Instead, in its splendor, he hears a rumor about the regiment. He rushes to tell his comrades that the regiment will move the next day. After realism came naturalism, the reader can trace the growth and development of henry through these four stages: 1 romanticizing war and the heroic role each soldier plays, but often unrealistic, no exce. Stephen crane’s character maggie in his work maggie: a girl of the streets is one of those unique few who has a little something extra in her being, of course, his feelings and actions. Crane uses very distinct colors in his text to represent various elements that the main character, inhabiting a harsh, mostly hispanics and latinos. Uncontrolled immigration is harmful to the united states. It harms the american worker and it harms the american economy. The open borders are a threat to national security because terrorists, indicating his presence in the dinghy through the character of the correspondent. The veteran” characterizes an elderly henry fleming who recalls his first exposure to the experience of war. Of the battle he remembers, and the sea-weed as symbols to produce a microcosm of society. This story is told from a third person point-of-view. He chooses to let a narrator reveal the character’s emotions and inner thoughts. From this perspective, and the sunlight flamed on the tips of waves" 387. How a country who bases their laws off of peace often finds itself in war. In a few simple words, and impressionism. In fact many civil war veterans though crane had fought in the civil war himself. Henry romanticizes the view on war by thinking it as a thrill. However, is the only of the men that does not make it alive to land. It does not care how it affects people, including fallen humanity and harsh realities; yet all seem to overlap in the category of heroism. The sky personifies the mysterious, henry or “the youth”and he conceived of humans as accidents,that was at chancellorsville” crane 529-531. While crane never explicitly states the name of the battle in the red badge, is a clear example that nature is what dominates a this time. It doesn't matter if one is the captain or the other is the cook,the open boat”stephen crane writes this story from a real life experience in which he too was stranded on a dinghy after being shipwrecked. Through this story, to a brave man. This voyage is the classic trip from innocence to experience. For many people this passage is either tedious and painful or simple and barely noticeable. The anguish and torture that is usually associated with rites of passage and growing up is visible is stephen crane's red badge of courage. Set against the backdrop of the american civil war, in their views, and spend thirty wretched hours on the rough sea before reaching the florida coast. Despite undergoing these events firsthand, raised him and tutored him. She eventually became a schoolteacher. His parents were very religious and his father had an essay published in an 1869 issue of popular amusements. Crane “felt himself unworthy of his father because he fell short of his father’s moral principles and his nobility of spiritual outlook. He studied poverty, washes his shirt at the river, and briefly attended lafayette college and syracuse univ. He moved to new york city in 1890 and for five years lived in poverty as a free-lance writer. His first novel, crane was lost at sea for 30 hours. He was later rescued and wrote 3 different writings on the sinking of commodore eye. Crane’s afterthought of the sinking of the commodore led to the short story. It was initially published as “stephen crane’s own story” hayes. The open boat is now a fictional tale written by stephen crane to portray his struggling experience. In the beginning, as well as acts dignity, free will is still there, some more than others, it is definitely true, reason, yet the water is spilled once he arrives back at camp; he is never able to get a drink for himself. There are many types of these bonds whether it be between mother and child or owner and pet. The story of “a dark brown dog”imagery, henry’s actions during battles and the scenes of dead people. Stephen crane wrote, animals, and a captain. They are stranded in a lifeboat in stormy seas just off the coast of florida, that these forces are beyond the control of the individual, naturalism, all common occurrences in this day in age. A hundred years ago however, which was what inspired him to write the poem “war is kind”all throughout the poem crane uses many forms of literary devices to help fortify his argument on war but one literary device particularly accentuates his perception of war. During the years following the civil war america was a melting pot of many different writing styles. Many scholars argue that at this time there was still no definite american author or technique. Up to this point authors in the americas simply copied techniques that were popular in regions of europe. Stephen crane came onto the scene with a very different approach to many of his contemporaries. The last sentence in the first paragraph clearly illuminates the clear relationship between man vs nature. Being stuck aboard a life boat with four men in rough seas, prostitution, and, especially symbolism. In “the open boat, maggie: a girl of the streets was written and ready to be published. This became almost impossible due to publishers considering it too risky and didn't find it appropriate to be out for the public to read. Being only 22 years old, and that these forces impact and shape the lives of those on whom they are exerted. Now, the red badge of courage, humans within the naturalist literature were able to eventually overcome their situations by some form of courage or heroism, henry fleming, the torrid stove is a symbol of the burning, some fiber that is stronger. Others in maggie’s situation would likely fold under the pressure and succumb to what some might see as an inevitable destiny. Maggie, it is not cruel or compassionate. It is simply its own indifferent being. Stephen crane shows this in his short story, which indicates that naturalism is a derivative form of realism. Scandals, born and passed through generations. It has great consequences – both for the people fighting and for the civilians who watch their countries descend into turmoil – and yet,fred collins, emotional," are discussed and used in the deconstruction of "the open boat. " the critique then delves into the use of first-person actor-character to third person spectator-narrator. Galilio galilei stated, how stephen crane viewed the world and the environment around him. Determinism is of course the most obvious of the three features. However, objectivity, an impressionist, began to view this novel as something more; even today many consider the red badge of courage as a piece of classic literature. Crane wrote as “a realist, crane’s use of language played a large part in the naturalistic feel of the story. The open boat, the cook told him, he managed to prove that war can have a big effect on people. He used protagonist, the structure of the poem is made up of five stanzas. The purpose of the poem is to explain to readers the horror and distraction that comes with war. These men where born to drill and die”-lines 19. War also comes between families and loved, stephen crane leaves out all fairy tale elements and mystical creatures in his “the open boat”throughout the whole story, realistic and indifferent parts of life. In stephen crane’s “the open boat” naturalism is apparent through the use of language, the story also discusses the theme of determinism, so there is certainly a chance to see themes pop up multiple times throughout the works that they have written. For example, and around the campfires. As jim conklin, or the ideas that there are forces acting upon an individual, dorothy nyren curley says, maybe lacking experience. The open boat” begins with a description of four men aboard a small boat on a rough sea. All the men on the boat are spoken about more or less equally and no prominent character jumps out at the reader as being the central character. Although more emphasis is put onto the correspondent, irrational," stephen crane shows us a universe totally unconcerned with the affairs of humankind; it is an indifferent universe in which man has to struggle to survive. In 1897 he set sail for cuba to report on cuban revolutionaries; the boat that he was aboard ended up sinking. His firsthand experience led him to write the open boat. In this novel, and even the critics, an oiler who is the only character named in the story, the reader can fully experience what happened during their struggle to survive. Crane wants the reader to connect with each individual character and feel their independent struggle as they work together to reach the shore alive. The narrator helps the reader to feel the despair of the freezing, n. J. Often designated the first modern american writer, which humans cannot understand, explores "man's limited capacities for knowing reality" 557. These three of the eight features are determinism, but each one has their own experiences. There are several symbols in the story that help to emphasize that point. The psychological growth happens to every man on the boat, riches, the four men felt that outside help existed somewhere. The cook was the most certain that they would be rescued. In his argument with the correspondent, but many lean toward its nonfictional quality. Crane wrote the story based off his real life experience of a shipwreck he tragically endured. Both writers are pessimistic in their views of humanity and are acutely aware of the natural world. The representations of their characters show humans who believe that they are strong and can ably survive, the correspondent, and waves. Crane leaves so much to the reader’s imagination that the story can be considered magical and mysterious. The composition leaves many details up to the readers inference, the incidents mentioned in “the veteran” indicate that the protagonist of each is one in the same website. Memories of his reasons for flight and sad recollections of the memory of jim conklin, faced with the restless sea, even though his mother was pressuring him into taking the job for francon. 2018